FIFA 20, Stari Jedi Fallen and other EA games were not exclusive to Amazon India Anymore

FIFA 20, Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order, and Other EA Games Won’t Be Exclusive to Amazon India Anymore

FIFA 20, Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order, and other upcoming EA games, such as the not yet proven Need for Speed ​​title, will not be exclusive to Amazon India's Gadgets 360 learned. EA has worked with Amazon India in 2015 on financial issues with its previous distributor, Mumbai-Milestone Interactive. Supply chain resources talk about the Gadgets 360 said EA was not very happy with sales through an e-commerce giant and looking for a new distributor in India. This means you won't be dependent on Amazon India to buy the latest and greatest from EA.

This is a great step from EA when you consider how late FIFA 16, FIFA 17 and FIFA 18 shipped from Amazon, force a large number of Indian players to buy the game across the gray market or digitally. While FIFA 19 shipped on time, it seemed too late. The impact of the sale on late transport was most felt with FIFA 18 where Amazon only managed to move 9,500 units per day either. Usually FIFA games tend to sell around 40,000 per day one alone.

With FIFA 19, thanks to Amazon receiving shipments early, 21,500 units sold on the first day, but that wasn't enough for EA to continue its exclusivity with Amazon India. For what's worth, Amazon India tried to sell EA games offline through Delhi-based Zupitex sub-distributor, but the move was met with a firm reflection from the sales. This is because the prices offered to offline stores are close to what end users would pay for Amazon India, which made it no step.

Past Amazon India's exclusivity in gaming went wrong like the Xbox One. By going online only, it pretty much killed the console's chances in India. However, since EA games are ridiculously popular in the country, the publisher is unlikely to face the same fate.

This means that it is not known who EA is currently working in India. Although we strongly suspect that this would result in an offline presence that is as valuable as online in the country.

At the time of publishing Gadgets 360 will not receive a comment from EA or Amazon India and will update this story if we hear from one company.

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