YouTube Gaming App Retire May 30th, Website to Be Merged: Google

YouTube Gaming App to Retire on May 30, Website to Be Merged: Google

Google is set up to finally pull the connector to a standalone YouTube Gaming app within days, months after it has announced that it will be merged with the YouTube standard platform. The app will be phased out on May 30 while the site will be merged with the new YouTube channel.

"We want to continue building a stronger home for a gaming community that thrives on YouTube, not just YouTube Gaming. We will leave YouTube Gaming after May 2019 and focus our gaming efforts on YouTube," the company said on its support page.

The technical giant made the announcement in September 2018, but missed the original closing date of March.

YouTube Gaming visitors who have been able to store or browse content over the years would be lucky because the video sharing platform says it is not possible to transfer games that have already been saved to YouTube Gaming.

The company has suggested that subscribers subscribe to their YouTube Gaming services and regular YouTube subscriptions. As we mentioned, while the app will be retired, the website – at – will be moved to a new home at

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